Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing¬ģ Specialist. What is ThetaHealing¬ģ?
Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing¬ģ Specialist
What is ThetaHealing¬ģ?

We hear more and more about how we can heal our body and ailments with our mind. How our thoughts create our reality, and how we can achieve what ever it is that we want.

The question is HOW?

ThetaHealing¬ģ is a technique that allows you to locate and change sub-conscious blocks to heal your body from pain and suffering, put illnesses into remission, change your relationships with yourself, others, money, in fact change your life and achieve your deepest¬†desires.

ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†is the powerful vehicle that allows you to advance to a state of balance and wellness.

ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†was brought back into our consciousness by an amazing lady named Vianna Stibal who describes ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†as ‚Äėan¬†attainable miracle‚Äô.¬†Although ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†has been used in various forms for millennia, in its current form, it has been developed and¬†utilized since 1995 by Vianna Stibal, who cured herself of terminal cancer after she was shown a spiritual technique that taps into the sub-conscious.¬†Vianna went on to heal thousands of people while teaching the ThetaHealing¬ģ technique to classes all over the world.

ThetaHealing¬ģ is a technique that allows you to lower your brainwaves to a Theta state 4 to 7 cycles per second, this is a hypnotic state¬†that opens you in a profound way to identify deeply held sub-conscious blocks and to re-program them changing them not only on the sub-conscious level but also on a cellular level. This is Quantum Physics at work.¬†In this deep meditative state¬†ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†allows you to¬†witness and re-create your negative blocks to positive ones therefore changing your reality and hence changing the way you view the world,¬†and all that is in it.

We identify old patterns and the beliefs holding us to constantly draw the same dysfunctional experiences, reprogramming them to change the way they affect us and our emotional responses making a dramatic difference to our health, wealth, relationships with ourselves, our money, our family and friends, work colleagues or whatever it may be for you.

Are you challenged by your relationships, including your family or the in-laws, health, career, money, anything in your life, the list is long?

If the answer is YES we can create that new pattern. especially to fit you and your belief patterns so that your life can change, your relationships can change and how awesome will that be for your and those around you.

However, for most, the answer is NO and the reason is limiting beliefs.

While we read, and hear all the ‚Äėgurus‚Äô telling us that we can change just by changing the way we think, using mantra’s, or look at the world the truth is that¬†for most of us that is the greatest challenge, we may achieve it for a short time but find ourselves slipping back into our old ways only to¬†repeat our old patterns over and over again.¬†We learn to create a new paradigm for ourselves, change our inner programs and belief systems which changes our outer experiences. You will hear many ‘gurus’ saying that all real healing comes from within, that is correct and with ThetaHealing you can change your ‘within’ on a very deep level.

With¬†ThetaHealing¬ģ the way is made much clearer; by allowing us to identify and understand why we are holding onto our limiting¬†beliefs, why it is serving us and often causing us to remain in our old patterns of sickness, pain, negative relationships with other people, lack & poverty.¬†People are very¬†surprised by what they are creating for themselves.¬†Total amazement is not an uncommon reaction.

Once the negative beliefs have been identified we can change to them using a Theta brainwave state making the change at a cellular/molecular¬†level, but also making the changes not just formed in this life but also those of our ancestors.¬†In creating new beliefs that support our¬†efforts to ‚Äėlive our lives in a more positive way‚Äô things will immediately appear differently, the things that used to cause you grief will no¬†longer be an issue, you can let go of the struggle and create a life that is fulfilling and supportive.

ThetaHealing¬ģ¬†is a science and supports both scientific and natural therapy modalities and may be successfully integrated into other¬†practices including medical practices, psychology, neurological practices and more.¬†It takes us to a deeper level of understanding, to the¬†inner self, the oneness of who we really are. Why would you want to stay stuck, experience the magnificence of change with ThetaHealing¬ģ now.

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