Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist. Testimonials
Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist

I sat down today and thought how Theta has changed my beliefs, when you really think about it; it is enjoying what we have in life. Theta has taken me on a life’s journey. I have gone back in time and have seen my life in a new light. I can now allow myself time hear the sound of the birds singing in the morning and appreciate where our life takes us. Before I started my theta healing with Jeannie my head was always noisy, I felt guilty if everything was going well instead of living life to the full. Theta helps me just be in the moment, totally. I am feeling totally calm and relaxed and living in the present moment.

– From a beautiful lady who had MS and has let it go, completely free of MS according to her neurologist.
Name withheld for privacy.

Being introduced to Theta Healing has been truly magical for me – I feel that I have been set free! To be given the skills and the awareness that I can simply, and instantly, change beliefs and let go of long held blockages, for myself and others is truly amazing. The changes are immediate and powerful.

Jeannie is a fantastic practitioner and teacher of Theta Healing – she delivers the course beautifully and I am so very grateful to have been taught by her. After taking the Basic Course and the Advanced Course soon afterwards, I would be very happy and excited to take part in any other courses offered.

An absolutely life changing experience!

– Sarah

I certainly have spent a lot of time reflecting on our session and continue to become more self-aware. Once again I feel really connected to my intuition and in this instance affirmation once again.

– Barb

Theta Healing has helped me in many areas of my life; it is really hard to convey that in a short testimonial. Firstly, I have let go of old belief systems in many areas of my life that were holding me back. As a uni student, Theta has helped me to minimize anxiety in exams, reduce performance anxiety in presentations and just generally be more confident, allowing me to perform at a much higher level than I had previously and actually enjoy it!! My marks have gone up significantly since I started my degree, theta is a contributing factor.  

After having healing sessions with Jeannie (who is my Auntie, aren’t I lucky!!) and achieving instant and amazing results, I decided to do the theta healing course, which I completed November 2008. I use theta healing almost daily to help myself, family and friends. It is a very powerful healing modality which I am grateful to have the opportunity to use. 

Thanks Auntie Jeannie, you are a blessing.

– Janine (And she got her degree with top marks – Jeannie)

Thank you for being so amazing!
I feel so blessed to have been referred to Jeannie so I could ask her to do a Theta Healing course here in Perth but what it opened up for me has been nothing short of incredible.

Jeannie has an amazing way of being being able to go deep into an issue (without any discomfort to me) and clear it. She has been able to clear blockages that I have had for years that no one else had been able to do. I feel so much lighter and brighter and I finally feel like I can be the person I want to be and not the person I was conditioned to be.
She is truly truly gifted in what she does.

I am so grateful to you Jeannie. Thank you