Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist. Hypnotherapy
Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist

We are about achieving ultimate health and balance in all aspects of our lives, using the most effective methods we have found to achieve high end results.

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy utilized to create sub-conscious change in the patient in the form of new responses, thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and/or feelings. It is undertaken with a person in hypnosis.

A person who is hypnotized displays certain unusual characteristics and propensities, compared with a non-hypnotized subject, most notably heightened suggestibility and responsiveness.

In 1973, Dr. John Kappa’s, Founder of the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, wrote and defined the profession of a hypnotherapist in the Federal Dictionary of Occupational Titles as a person who:

“Induces hypnotic state in client to increase motivation or alter behaviour patterns: Consults with client to determine nature of problem. Prepares client to enter hypnotic state by explaining how hypnosis works and what client will experience. Tests subject to determine degree of physical and emotional suggestibility. Induces a hypnotic state in client, using individualised methods and techniques of hypnosis based on interpretation of test results and analysis of client’s problem. May train client in self-hypnosis conditioning.”

Hypnosis, is used to treat everything from phobias and addictions to stress disorders. The problems dealt with most consistently include:
– Stress and anxiety
– Phobias
– Insomnia
– Weight loss
– Stopping smoking
– Pain management
– Addictions
– Creating Success
– Fears

Hypnosis is not something that is ‘done’ to you, but rather a state of deep relaxation of the mind that we create as a partnership between the hypnotist and client to achieve the desired change, letting go of the issue.

This is Clinical Hypnotherapy not that of a stage show Hypnotherapist, you are safe and will not be asked to do anything that is beyond your integrity. You maintain your sense of self and have free will to make choices for yourself.

Clinical hypnosis is a gentle experience. Your body becomes very relaxed, yet your mind remains very focused. Usually you will hear everything that is said, but often as though you were at a distance, observing.

A person who is hypnotized displays certain unusual characteristics and propensities, compared with a non-hypnotized subject, most notably heightened suggestibility and responsiveness.

An in depth discussion and plan is created before the session begins to ensure that you are receiving the treatment you desire, with the aim of achieving the result you desire. Jeannie works for you and with you to create the session for your best healing response.

Hypnosis is a way of accessing and releasing information and the accompanying emotional distress. Because hypnosis accesses the subconscious mind, it can also be used to improve performance.

People have successfully increased sales, improved their sports performance, improved memory, improved health habits, and mastered stress and anxiety through the using hypnosis

How long will a session take?

It is best to expect your session to take one and a half hours. The initial Consultation can take up to one and a half hours and if required are followed by sessions that are from one hour to one and a half hours after that. This is determined by the client and their needs, the issue and the healing response and varies depending on our ability to accept suggestions.

Normally this a simple process as you are shown how you accept suggestion and know that it is perfectly safe.
Hypnosis is a process of communication

What happens during a session?

Hypnosis is an education-communication process that allows a person’s conscious and subconscious minds to believe in the same positive message. During hypnosis the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed state while the subconscious mind remains alert and receptive to suggestion. In this state the person suspends critical judgment and exercises selective thinking.

Hypnosis is a way of accessing the subconscious mind. The root cause of most physical and emotional problems is in the subconscious mind, created by decisions and beliefs formed because of a past experience that is often outside conscious memory or awareness.

You will be very relaxed, Hypnosis is a state of total relaxation, most people have a feeling of joy and relaxation at the end of a session.

Jeannie is a Professional Hypnotherapist, who has the highest integrity, down to earth, she will make no judgement on your choices, her only interest is to free you from whatever it is that is causing you stress.

Your session is kept completely confidential, what goes between you and Jeannie stays that way.