Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealingÂŽ Specialist. Alkalising Remedy Australia
Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealingÂŽ Specialist
Alkalising Remedy Australia

Alkalising or raising your bodies pH levels to a slightly alkaline state supports our body to ensure we are achieving ultimate health and balance in all physiological of our lives, using the most effective methods we have found to achieve high end results in Health and Wellness in Australia.

Achieving the Balance Acid-Alkaline.

Living your life with an Acid-Alkaline imbalance can make you sick – really sick. If we have a toxic overload achieved through eating acidic foods, or overindulging in alcohol or sugary drinks, our environment, such as heavy metals, petro-chemicals, commercially prepared foods, cosmetics, chlorinated water, flouride, paint fumes, hair colouring and so many more can end up leading us to living with an acidic overload.

In today’s world we eat many commercially prepared foods that have a high acid content which are addictive rich. It is so easy to grab that pre-prepared meal, and often considered more tasty to cosume fat, sugar and salt filled foods or sugar filled drinks. Too much acid will burn your insides. With an overload of acid going into our stomach our body goes into action and creates a layer of fat to protect it from the acid. We unconsciously gather acid in our day to day lives which can lead to Acidosis which precedes and provokes disease.

Add to that the fact that that layer of fat is now sitting deep within your insides settling itself on your kidneys, liver, around internal organs and is the most difficult layer of fat to release from your body.

Even a healthy body will succumb when its acid accumulation comes to the point where resistance breaks down. We become susceptible to many common ailments, increased weight gains (from too many carbohydrates resulting in fatty acid, as the fat layers itself around the acid to prevent it ‘burning’ our insides) colds, fatigue, exhaustion, and degenerative diseases are our creation.

It is then that our body takes on a cleansing process which we call diarrhea, vomitting, allergies, aches, pains, asthma, skin eruptions, abscesses, inflammation, arthritis, cancer, gout, irritations of skin and eyes. It is our body’s way of eliminating and protecting us from the excess acid.

We need a balance of both acid and alkaline minerals in our body to achieve a healthy balance this is not only about the foods we eat, 80% alkaline and 20% acid is a good balance, it is about how our body reacts to food and how our body is working using the minerals it has in reserve.

Your metabolism plays a big part. When we are young and active our body can use up the extra energy it receives from fat, sugar and salt making us believe that we do not have a problem, however we are not releasing the heavy metals and toxins, we store those for futher use to create problems in later life like alzheimers, parkinsons, and other diseases.

Eating whole alkaline green food, be it green vegetables, good quality supplements or water returns the power that we have lost to our addiction to ‘junk food’, and stress. Many of us ‘don’t like the green alkaline food’ and after a very brief attempt we give up on the mission and go back to being ‘acid tripping junkies’. The truth is, you cannot reverse decades of addiction to acid foods in a few days by eating a few raw vegetables and greens.

There are many things we can do to create a more alkaline body, its often cheaper and more effective to use alkalising products for cleaning, such as lemon juice and bicarb soda, also can be ingested to increase alkaline pH levels and is great for colds, stop buying acidic hair products. Be aware of the pH balance of everything you use and remember the 80/20 rule.
There is another way to enhance your alkalising efforts, using an alkalising water filter.

There is an answer, Water – Alkaline Water

Most water in Australia is Acidic, water that is alkaline with a ph range of 7.0 to 9 is perfect for reversing acidity in our body. Positive results with the big three diseases, cancer, arthritis and heart problems are well documented. We have personally witnessed the changes alkaline water makes to the big three, weight, energy levels and so much more.

There is a lot of literature on the subject of alkalinity to be read, I strongly urge you to have a look at as much of it as you need to see the benefits that I can guarantee you are surely real. To read about the opportunity for alkaline balance using Water offered through this site, the book “The Untold Truth About the Cause of Disease” by Ian Blair Hamilton is a small and easy read on the subject.

We have a range of affordable Water Alkalising Machines to suit your situation.