Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist. About ThetaHealing® and Psychic Counselling in Australia
Jeannie – Hypnotherapy and ThetaHealing® Specialist
About ThetaHealing® and Psychic Counselling in Australia

I am  committed to Theta Healing, Psychic Counselor I  have the unique gift of strong intuition/psychic ability and am a qualified Counselor and wellness coach who values my excellent reputation as an expert in the field of Natural Therapy. 

I have successfully worked in the field of Psychic Counselling for the last 20 years, assisting hundreds of folk to move forward from limiting beliefs that hold them in a place of restriction and ill health, so called ‘incurable’ issues. Allowing them to let go of their issue, no matter how large it may seem, regain a life that is positive. Whether its recovering from a dis-ease or changing your beliefs around money, I use my psychic counselling gift to assist you to a better place.
My clients are important, individual and unique and are respected and honoured by me for their differences and values. I encourage and support your potential – lets get started NOW

You will find several pages about Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy,CounsellingAlkalising for Health, Belief Changing and other product attachments on this site that are personally recommended by Jeannie as positive complimentary health and wellness builders.

My mission is to provide support through Theta Healing, along with Hypnotherapyand Personal Counselling, to build awareness through teaching, and to clear the subconscious beliefs that are blocks to your ability to manifest great health, amazing relationships, prosperity and a positive relationship with money.
I am a powerful conduit assisting you to resolve any issue in your life using a combination of many modalities including but not limited to ThetaHealing® combined with Psychic Counselling. You can work with me face to face in Cairns, across Australia and Internationally, using Skype to anywhere in the world where Skype is available, or of course over the phone.

ThetaHealing®, Hypnotherapy and Counselling combined with my wonderful gift of Psychic intuitive ability are powerful conduits for creating change in our life, to resolve and often instantly change and heal the sub-conscious blocks and beliefs that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential.

Unconscious Blocks manifest as discomforts, personal struggles, stress, problems, illness, weakness of spirit, depression, panic attacks, uncertainty, guilt, fear, emotional traumas, continuous thoughts nagging you, or simply issues like constantly making the wrong choices in life, never having enough money, missing out on relationships, being unworthy or anything at all, all of these things stem from beliefs that are unconscious and cause you to be stuck in a pattern that does not serve you.

If you are stuck in any area of your life then Theta Healing, Counselling using my psychic gifts will help you to resolve the unconscious reason for the discomfort. It is a recognised scientific fact that often we do not know why we do certain things, why we are afraid, a certain result keeps happening to us. Why we always end up with a certain type of partner, why are we afraid of whatever it is?, why do we have a phobia, the truth is that the reason is often held deep in our sub-conscious mind as a belief and we have no idea of how or why we took it on.

Using the techniques to identify these blocks and Jeannie’s own personal amazing intuitive gift to “see beyond” your conscious awareness is a great skill and one that you can take advantage of for your personal health, wealth, improving your exam score, empowerment, change a belief change your life.

Jeannie is a great believer in ThetaHealing® because it makes sense with visible and immediate changes through subconscious awareness and recognition of what was your truth now being recognised and replaced with the real reason why you did that certain something or created that illness.
The recognition and acknowledgement of the great benefit of a new understanding of what was, so that you see the truth. Truth is powerful, sometimes a little confronting but always so enlightening. Change in this way is awesome it can and does make a difference to your whole physiology allowing illness to resolve itself, with immediate change to the way you see your situation and the positive feelings you get from great understanding.

The resulting healing, is a permanent change to your vibration bringing about changes in both your cells and your environment and changing the way you are in many areas of your life. To change a belief is to make a permanent change to that area of your life that is not working for you. Life is not always a bowl of cherries, however using the techniques of ThetaHealing®, Counselling, Coaching and Hypnotherapy can be the medium for making great changes in our life so that Life can be a bowl of cherries and so much more. The affect using ThetaHealing® to change the negative energy to positive energy is one of the most exciting things to have come into my life and I trust it will be the same for you because ThetaHealing® is empowering.

Teaching ThetaHealing® is one of the most exciting experiences you can achieve, because you are teaching someone to empower themselves, imaging having the power to change your beliefs at the deepest level and the resulting change and freedom that can bring to your spirit. Believe me when I say it has changed my life for the “So Much Better”.

I am as committed to providing healing and teaching with the best course material at the highest level, following Vianna Stibal’s ThetaHealing® teaching material/documentation to ensure that you, my clients and students are confident to use the ThetaHealing® techniques in your own lives and with your clients should you desire to make this a career.

In 1995 ThetaHealing® started as a technique for healing illness when Vianna Stibal, the founder and amazing teacher of this technique, healed her leg of cancer. Today, ThetaHealing® has developed into a technique for healing and empowering your life and the life of your business and career. Through education of these gentle healing practices we teach you how to make a real difference to all aspects of your life.

Learn these Theta Healing techniques and begin using Theta Healing from the first day of the first course creating change to beliefs and therefore your experiences for the rest of your life. No equipment or tools are necessary to learn Theta Healing. I teach you how to connect to the Universal Energy of Creation, according to your belief, through the theta brain wave to clear the blocks allowing the Positive and Powerful resolutions to your darkest blocks, grief, trauma with a resolution that is found in the amazing energy space of pure truth through Theta Healing.

Are you suffering from a habit or fear? Do you want to stop smoking, have more confidence, be a better public speaker, let go of depression anxiety, stress or trauma, including panic attacks. Both ThetaHealing® and Hypnotherapy can assist you on your path to releasing these habits, fears or phobias.

Hypnotherapy is a technique where after discussion with Jeannie a treatment will be designed especially for you where your subconscious will be reprogrammed to support the new beliefs that will have you back on confidence street in a short time.

Whether using Theta Healing or Hypnotherapy, if you wish to let go of your habits, addictions, overcome that which is holding you back then why not try Hypnotherapy or Theta Healing, more information can be found by clicking on the hypnotherapy or Theta Healing boxes on this site.

Jeannie is a consummate professional, your confidential information will be maintained as just that, confidential. Being a woman of the world, I understand that we all have things that we do not like other people to know about. I come from a position of everything is a life lesson, if you are embarrassed about something that means that there is a lesson in it for you, lets clear it off, keep the lesson and move on.

Whether that is smoking, or some other issue is not the issue, clearing it is. Lets work together to set you free so that you can live the life you love. So stop procrastinating with yourself, tomorrow never comes, lets fix your issue NOW using Theta Healing and Hypnotherapy, pick up the phone you have much to gain from this.

ThetaHealing® in a Nutshell
• It works!
• It goes to the next step in energetic healing to find and clear the beliefs where the issue/problem/illness originated.
• It does that through belief and feeling work.
• It is quick.
• It is powerful.
• It is not a religion and works within all religious beliefs.
• It has a spiritual foundation and is backed up by quantum physics and mechanics.
• It is appropriate for anyone.
• Anyone can learn how to do it.
• You can learn to use it for yourself and for others.
• You will become more peaceful, more joyful, and will feel less of a victim in life the more you use it.
• You will become more intuitive and more connected to your Divine nature the more you use it.
• You will want to learn more and more as you experience it and watch the impact it has on friends and family and clients.
• It is empowering!
• It is a gift of Spirit, a gift of the Divine, a gift of God… available to anyone who wants to accept it.
You will want ThetaHealing® in your every day life and you will want to share it with those you love.